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crazy angel spray sun tan

Crazy Angel Express Fast Acting Spray Tan Solution is specifically formulated to develop a luxurious tan within 2 to 4 hours. This unique formula is enhanced with revolutionary ingredient Vegetan Premium® to optimise performance, enhance the skin’s natural tone and produce beautifully tanned results. A unique moisturising formula enriched with Bearberry and Shea Butter. Crazy Angel’s lush, light fragrance leaves skin pleasantly scented, the answer to all your tanning prayers.



Caviar Nail Craze

This crazy new fashion of caviar style nails is thought to have been inspired by a Tweet by Katy Perry.

These attractive and creative little beads resemble the hundreds and thousands on sweets and look just as delicious!

Created by pouring these tiny little bobbles over a special adhesive that keeps them secure. You are sure to stand out with this exciting new design.

We have a variety of colours available.  See examples in header above!


Latest craze in fancy fashion nails.  After applying this amazing nail varnish, we hold a magnet over the top to create a fantastic pattern.  This vivid magnetic nail polish is available in purple, silver and gold and sure to stand out at the party.

This unique formula contains metallic particles that move in the polish when attracted by the magnet, to give a most intriguing finish.

minx foil nailsBeyonce, Keshia Cole, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. What do all of these ladies have in common besides being beautiful, chart-topping singers? MINX NAILS!  Minx Foil Nail Coverings are made from a thin film foil with an adhesive underside that is applied using a heat source. Because the coverings are made of a film foil, picture perfect images can be printed on the coverings to create bold and eye catching designs.

The materials used are Eco friendly, safe on the nails, and because there is no polish or chemicals used, there is no drying time and no chipping! Just stick, heat, trim and your nails are fashion forward and ready to wear! Removal is just as easy as the application. Just set a blow dryer on high heat, place the heat over the fingernails and peel off the foil; it’s as simple as that! The MINX trend has been around for awhile and worn by countless celebrities, and now that the trend has made its way to local nail shops and spas, I’m sure women of all ages will be rocking houndstooth printed nails in no time.  For more information on MINX style nail coverings visit our salon or contact us.

NOTE: We now use Trendy’s nail foils instead of Minx Nail foils, because there are a wider range of patterns.

Also available to buy in our shop, if you want to do your own.  Full instructions are supplied.


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